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Kerry Cliffs

Localisation en Irlande
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Named after the patron saint of the Irish, it is the largest cathedral in Dublin!

What to expect?

Portmagee is a beautiful little village located on the west coast of Ireland, on the Iveragh Peninsula in Kerry… The village of Portmagee has a most exceptional location, facing the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful island of Valentia, linked to the village by a bridge since 1971. A very touristic place, not to be missed!

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Downtown Portmagee is a really nice place to go for a walk… The village indeed gathers all the authenticity of these Irish villages located on the seaside… The houses are neat and colourful, and most of the shops live mainly from tourism, fishing, and local crafts.

The pubs in the town centre are rather pleasant, and offer pints as well as meals that will easily adapt to the most restricted budgets… The food is good, with a focus on local fish products. (Fish and Chips lovers will be delighted!).

Don’t forget to go through the Portmagee harbour as well. It offers a breathtaking view of Valentia Island and the ocean. You will also be able to admire the beautiful fishing boats, coming and going in the harbour, bringing back in their nets beautiful catches fished in the open sea…

Valentia Island

The island of Valentia is located a few kilometres off the coast of Portmagee, and is fully accessible by a bridge linking the village to the island. This bridge is open at any time of the year and at any hour of the day…

The visit of the island of Valentia is really worth the detour, and will make you discover superb wild landscapes overlooking the ocean, and the Skellig Islands, 2 islands located not far from Valentia, possessing monastic vestiges dating from the 6th century.

Don’t miss the small watchtower on the island, which would have been built in the 16th century to keep watch over the surroundings… This one is essentially made of stone, and offers an unrivalled panorama of the ocean! (By the way, it would be criminal not to stop there to take some pictures ! ;-))

Skellig Islands

Portmagee also serves as a starting point for visiting the Skellig Islands. Several boat companies make several shuttles during the day between the village and the 2 islands…

The visit is most often guided, because of the wild character of the Skellig Islands. You will then discover magnificent stone huts (bories) as well as other religious vestiges dating from the 6th century, when monks lived on the islands and practiced the Christian religion on a daily basis.

Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with thousands of species of birds. The Skellig Islands have more than 23,000 birds on their land, including magnificent species such as Gannets.