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Ah, Northern Ireland… a British province often wrongly neglected in favour of the Republic of Ireland. And what a pity! The Northern Irish province is a territory rich in exceptional sites! Dolmens, castles, enchanting coastal landscapes, cliffs, lakes, mountains… without forgetting its unforgettable cities like Belfast, Derry, or Bushmills! Cities of human size, festive, dynamic, where there is always something to do!
Believe us, to miss Northern Ireland is to miss one of the best regions of the island of Ireland!

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A region steeped in history, and grandiose wild landscapes!

Welcome to Northern Ireland, a province belonging to the United Kingdom and governed by the British Crown. Northern Ireland is a small Ireland all by itself. It uses the pound sterling, and has a slightly more stormy history than the Republic of Ireland.

Whether you like the great outdoors, or cities with a strong history, Northern Ireland is a fantastic destination! We love its rugged beauty, the hospitality of its people, its irish pubs, restaurants, museums and countless tourist activities!

Some of its most famous sites include its coastal road, which runs along the north coast, Dunluce Castle, the Mourne Mountains and the famous Giant’s Causeway, a grandiose and mysterious geological site by the sea! One of the most beautiful in the country!

Magnificent, this province has multiple facets, which it is more than nice to discover! A very safe region since the Good Friday Agreements, we recommend you to explore its northern coast, with its steep reliefs, where cliffs and beaches follow one another in shades of blue and deep green. Without forgetting the Mourne Mountains, or a city like Belfast, a city in full revival, which knew, in spite of a difficult History, to bounce back and become a dynamic and warm city!

Forget the troubled years when the Northern Irish conflict was on everyone’s lips: Northern Ireland is in the midst of a revival, and is constantly improving in its efforts to make its Catholic and Protestant, Loyalist and Republican communities co-exist.

Among the things to know, don’t forget that Northern Ireland is still a British province, directly concerned by Brexit. Also, the pound sterling is the official currency, unlike the Republic of Ireland where the Euro is exchanged on a daily basis. Exchange rates change regularly, especially with the Brexit, so don’t hesitate to ask a little bit in advance to make your change!

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