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Liscannor is a small, peaceful village in County Clare in Ireland, famous for hosting one of the most beautiful tourist sites in the country! A must-see destination, this is where you can admire the sumptuous and fascinating Cliffs of Moher!

A picturesque little village near the cliffs

An ideal destination to sleep, and explore the wild beauty of the Cliffs of Moher!

Liscannor is one of the very small villages of the region. It has barely 100 inhabitants, (with a lot of Bed and Breakfast to sleep on the spot, and some local shops).

Calm and peaceful, Liscannor has a charm due to its geographical location. Installed in front of the ocean, the village overlooks a pretty bay with green and turquoise colors. The houses are typically colourful and their inhabitants are smiling and welcoming.

Another asset (and not the least), Liscannor is located less than 5km from the emblematic “Cliffs of Moher”. A dizzying place, where the land and the Atlantic Ocean meet in the deafening beauty of the waves crashing against the rocks. There is some height, but the Cliffs can be visited from above and below by taking a boat.

The place is magical, and will make you feel very small in front of such giants of nature! A unique experience, to be lived to the fullest!

Just for that alone, Liscannor is a small village that is worth visiting. The must: spend an evening there, stroll through its town centre, push the door of one of its irish pubs… and then head for the cliffs!

An adventure that will remain forever engraved in your memories!

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