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What to expect?

Letterfrack (Leitir Fraic) is a tiny Irish village in Connemara, less than 15km from Clifden and is considered the gateway to the Connemara National Park, nestled between the ocean (with Barnaderg Bay) and the mountains (including the majestic Diamond Hill).

History of Letterfrack

A Village founded by Quakers

Letterfrack is a fairly recent town, and was only founded in the mid-nineteenth century by a Quaker couple, James Ellis and Mary Ellis (The Quackers are a community of Protestants whose dogmas differ somewhat from the original doctrine).

The development of Letterfrack was then working wonders, and seems to be a real success: the creation of the village attracts many people from the Connemara region, who have come in search of work, and the activity of the village seems to be very profitable.

In 1882, Letterfrack was bought by the bishopric of Tuam, who wanted to turn the village into a reformatory centre for juvenile delinquents. This school then operates from 1888 until 1973, when the establishment closes its doors.

Nowadays, Letterfrack has been able to take advantage of its geographical situation, and every year thousands of tourists come to admire the beauty of the Connemara National Park.

Visit Letterfrack

A tiny hamlet at the gates of Connemara

Letterfrack is rather different from traditional Irish villages. It must be said that the area is more of a crossroads than a village in its own right. The houses are scattered all over the place: there is no real town centre…

However, you should know that the village has innumerable possibilities in terms of accommodation, excellent pubs and restaurants. This makes it a very interesting town: it is a perfect HQ to go and discover the wonders of Connemara! Starting with the famous Kylemore Abbey and its magnificent castle. Two ultra touristic spots in the region!

Letterfrack is also an opportunity to explore the Renvyle Peninsula: a fabulously wild area, between land and sea, which promises you a very pleasant nature break!

Finally, don’t miss the local beaches: ideal for relaxing, their fine sand will convince you to put your towel there!

Lettefrack is above all a starting point to immerse yourself in the heart of Connemara. Don’t hesitate to make a stop there before embarking on an unforgettable exploration!