There is no more authentic village than the small village of Kinsale in County Cork. Imagine a small village huddled in the Bandon estuary, a few boats swaying here and there in the bay of its harbour, a few Irish people silently hauling their fishing nets amidst colourful houses… and you’ll already have a glimpse of the little paradise that is the village of Kinsale!

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Kinsale: an ultra-touristic fishing village!

Located less than 40km from Cork, Kinsale lives to the rhythm of the sea, its tides and fishing. The village is particularly famous for its gastronomy, combining fish and seafood, all accompanied by Guinness!

Don’t miss these pubs and restaurants with particularly rich food and alcoholic drinks: it’s a real treat for the taste buds and the welcome is rather warm! In short, there’s nothing to get bored of here!

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A military fort overlooking beautiful Kinsale Bay. It was once responsible for the security of the town.

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A black and white lighthouse that silently watches over the open sea. Its charm is nice!

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This former military fort watched over the Bandon River. Very damaged, it is now in a state of ruins, but offers a nice historical vestige to the visitors!

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An attractive green surrounded by the ocean! It attracts golf enthusiasts from all over the world!

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