Ultra-touristic and authentic. These are the words that can describe Killarney, a pretty and colourful village located in County Kerry in Ireland. It must be said that the area has everything to please: from its lively town centre, to its irish pubs and shops… But also thanks to its ideal location at the gates of the famous Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry circuit. One thing is sure: the village has many assets, which it would be a real pity to neglect!

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A village that lives to the rhythm of the Irish open spaces

If Killarney is a must for anyone wishing to explore Kerry, it is above all for the wealth of tourist activities on site, as well as the countless hotels and B&Bs available throughout the year.

With a charming town centre (very flowery and colourful), Killarney offers many walks through a maze of narrow cobbled streets where there are many shops and stalls offering products made to conquer the hearts of travellers.

Restaurants and irish pubs are also numerous, and most of them offer quality food and drinks, 100% made in Ireland. So, you will be able to taste succulent irish breakfasts, test their famous “irish stew”, or simply enjoy a traditional music concert from 9pm in many local pubs: a treat!

Either way, Killarney is a perfect place to put your suitcases down and spend several days criss-crossing County Kerry. Between Killarney National Park, Ross Castle, and the Ring of Kerry circuit, you’ll need time to enjoy and see as much of it as possible! All at your own pace of course, time to be charmed and conquered by the subtle and devastating beauty of the Irish wilderness!

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