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Killarney National Park : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

Absolutely gigantic: these are the words to describe Killarney National Park. With its 10,000 hectares of wilderness, it is officially Ireland’s first and largest national park. A true treasure of nature, it is one of the country’s must-see tourist attractions. We love its majestic landscapes where we feel very small, its forests, lakes and mountains. A superb playground for hiking and getting away from it all… away from the rest of the world!

Visit Killarney National Park

Connect with the Irish wilderness!

Did you know that? Killarney National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, under the designation of “Biosphere Reserve”.

A term that illustrates the wild beauty of the park: here, the hand of Man is almost absent. Only nature and its wide open spaces reign, in a harmony of striking charm. And this is the magic of the place!

So, you will enjoy putting on your hiking boots and setting off to explore its vast expanses of desolate moorland, plains, hills, lakes and mountains.

Among the great musts of the Park, you should know that the area is made up of 3 Irish lakes :

  • Muckross Lake,
  • Lough Leane,
  • and Upperlake

It is very pleasant to walk along their shores, or to admire them from the top of the mountains. There are 4 main high peaks: Purple Mountain, Shehy Mountain, Mangerton Mountain and Torc Mountain. There are a few trails for good walkers who are not afraid of heights. Starting with the circuit starting from Purple Mountain and going through MacGillycuddy’s Reek. Count 11 km to go around it: it will take you no less than 3 hours!

If you like the sites more “easy access”, we recommend several ultra-tourist spots:

  • The Gap of Dunloe: this is a beautiful narrow valley, to be explored on foot, by bike, by minibus or by horse-drawn carriage. The place is very romantic and offers breathtaking landscapes. A very romantic place for lovers!
  • The Muckross House: it is an Irish manor house from 1843. Its 65 rooms and its unique style make it a particularly interesting place. Today converted into a museum, the establishment offers a fascinating exhibition! Don’t miss its breathtaking view of the park: it’s the highlight of the show!
  • The Ladies View: this is a viewpoint overlooking the Upper lake, a lake in the Park. A magical place, much appreciated by Queen Victoria, even back then!
  • The Torc Waterfall: this is a wild waterfall, located in the middle of the forest, at the foot of Torc Mountain. Its setting is of a rare authenticity. Only elves and leprechauns are missing to complete the scenery!
  • The Ross Castle: an Irish castle in an excellent state of conservation, dating from the 15th century! A historical marvel to discover!

Note that Killarney National Park also has a particularly rich flora and fauna. There are many rare species present and it can happen to come across red deer (the Park shelters the last herd of the country), peregrine falcons, wild ducks… etc…

Make sure you bring good shoes and a good camera if you are hiking: you quickly get caught up in the game and the more you walk, the more intense the scenery will be! You’ll be amazed!