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Killaloe is a village in the east of County Clare, Ireland, on the shores of Lough Derg. Known to be the birthplace of the famous King Brian Boru, the village is also very popular for its walking tours, and its remarkable historical remains!

History of Killaloe

Brian Boru’s home village

Killaloe finds its origins in the 6th century, on the occasion of the construction of a monastery, founded by St Lua on an island located on the Shannon, less than a kilometre from Killaloe (St Lua’s Oratory). Although the building was eventually moved to the village in 1920, this monastery allowed the village to enjoy an important cultural influence until the 12th century.

As early as the 10th century, Brian Boru was born, the man who extended his power over the Kingdom of Ireland after defeating the Vikings. Between 1002 and 1014, Brian Boru even decided to make Killaloe the official capital of the Kingdom. He then built his palace, the Kincora (Ceann Coradh in Irish Gaelic), located on the heights where the present Catholic church of the village stands.

In 1650, Oliver Cromwell spent 10 days on the opposite bank of the Shannon, in Ballina. His presence causes panic in the village, but Killaloe is finally spared.

Most of the houses currently present in the lower part of the village date from the 18th century.