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What to expect?

Kilkenny is a city in Ireland known for its dynamism and the warmth of its people! A city in full cultural development, it is above all known for its castle, its medieval town centre, but also for its famous “Kilkenny” beer, brewed in the city itself .

History of Kilkenny

A City dating back to the 5th century

The origins of the city of Kilkenny date back to the 6th century, when a monastery was built here. The monk at the origin of this monastery was known as Cill Chainnigh. During this period the monastery became an important religious and cultural centre, attracting many religious and other Irish people who came to build their homes around the monastery.

It was in the 12th century that the town had a huge castle (Kilkenny Castle) built by order of William of Clare. In 1391, Kilkenny Castle passed into the hands of the Butler family, great nobles whose family reigned over the south-east of Ireland for almost 500 years.

During this period the town became the seat of the British Parliament. The presence of the English settlers generated many tensions in the city, and the King of England ratified a law forbidding the British settlers to marry Irish people, as well as to enjoy the Irish Gaelic culture.