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What to expect?

Kildare is a small picturesque Irish town, located in the province of Leinster, and more precisely, in County Kildare. Contrary to appearances, the town is not the capital of the county (it is rather Naas), but offers some great places to discover. Located not far from Dublin, Kildare is often considered as a suburb of the Dublin area, and thus benefits from a strong cultural dynamism… It is particularly appreciated for its equestrian events, and its horse races…

History of Kildare

A City marked by Christianity

Kildare is reputed to be the birthplace of Saint Brigitte (451-525), patron saint of Ireland. She was born in Kildare in 451 and later dedicated her life to Christianity. She then founded the first mixed convent in the city, welcoming monks and nuns.

Very quickly, the actions of Saint Brigitte made her a figurehead of the city, which gradually expanded around the convent.

Even today, the Saint is a high figure in the town of Kildare.