Kilbeggan is a small town in County Westmeath, highly reputed for its long experience in the distillation of Irish whiskey. It produced Kilbeggan whiskey for more than a century, the flagship drink of the whole county, which is still produced today, although the production has been moved to the Cooley distillery. Although Kilbeggan’s original distillery is now inactive, don’t miss the great Kilbeggan Whiskey Museum, the town’s main attraction, where you will discover the history and secrets of this characterful whiskey!

History of Kilbeggan

A City marked by a Whiskey Distillery

Kilbeggan really becomes part of Irish History in 1757, when John Locke, a rich investor at that time, founded the first licensed distillery in all Ireland: the Locke Distillery. From then on, a whiskey of character is produced there, faithful to the Irish tradition.

The Kilbeggan distillery ran successfully until 1950, then stopped its production and moved in 1994 to the Cooley distillery. Only the casks produced by Cooley are then redirected to the Locke Distillery, for a longer ageing period.

During the course of history, this whiskey has been so successful that the town was considerably boosted, both economically and culturally. Still today, many visitors flock to the city to discover the secrets of this 100% Irish beverage…

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