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Inisheer : activities and sites to visit

Inisheer’s Abandoned Boat

Localisation en Irlande
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On the rocky beaches of Inisheer there is an old, rusty wreck of a stranded ship. Its presence adds an extra charm to the surroundings!

O’Brien Castle

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A fortified tower facing the Cliffs of Moher. Simply magical!

Inisheer’s Lighthouse

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A lighthouse of the Aran Islands nice to visit! We like its simple and authentic looks!

What to expect?

Inisheer (Inis Oírr in Irish Gaelic) is an island belonging to the Aran Islands, a group of 3 islands located in the Bay of Galway . Inisheer is the smallest island of the Aran Islands. The island possesses sumptuous landscapes, as well as a superb 14th century fort… A really nice island to see for the pleasure of the eyes !

Discover the beauties of a wild Irish island !

Center of the island

There are more than 260 inhabitants on the island. They live mainly in the centre of the island. You will find 3 Irish Pubs, a souvenir shop, a hotel and a grocery store. A youth hostel as well as a campsite located on a beautiful beach are also available for tourists…

The pubs are ideal for a stopover: they serve tasty meals for reasonable budgets and the atmosphere in these establishments is quite remarkable. It is not rare to eat there just for the excuse of listening to some music played by a local band!

You can easily talk with the locals: they are very welcoming and will not hesitate to show you the most beautiful corners of Inisheer.

A 100% Gaeltacht Population

If you ever venture into inhabited places, you will find yourself inexorably confronted with the language barrier. Indeed, in Inisheer, Gaelic is spoken, an ancestral Irish language still spoken in certain regions of Ireland (all these regions are called “Gaeltacht”)…

Many visitors come to Inisheer to enjoy Irish Gaelic classes given on the island. These courses are aimed at people of all levels who wish to learn or perfect their command of the language…