Inishbofin is a small Irish island in County Galway. The area is very famous for the tourists: one finds there the ruins of an old monastery of the VIIth century, as well as the vestiges of military barracks built by Cromwell.

Inishbofin is also particularly appreciated for its enchanting coasts! You will find white sandy beaches, steep bays and creeks, steep cliffs, as well as lighthouses and vestiges of Cromwell’s army (including the Cromwell Fort).

It is good to stroll there: the island is often deserted (only 200 inhabitants live there), and the island has an exceptional charm, where wild nature and history blend perfectly. Possibility to spend the night in a Youth Hostel (Inishbofin Island Hostel), or in small, cosy and hospitable B&Bs. Book in advance if possible!

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A former military fort built on the orders of Oliver Cromwell. In ruins, it's worth a visit!

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