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Horn Head Peninsula : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

Horn Head is a peninsula in County Donegal in Ireland. Renowned for the exceptional beauty of its landscapes, it is appreciated for its richness, with its expanses of moorland, heather, birds and mountains… not to mention its steep cliffs and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean! If you like wild nature and a great variety of landscapes, then Horn Head is a spot where you have to go!

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An authentic and wild peninsula!

Do you like hiking, beaches, sea views, mountains and forests? Horn Head should offer you a nice playground! The area is full of diverse and varied possibilities: it can be explored on foot as well as by car, and offers all kinds of activities such as walking, fishing, swimming, surfing…etc.!

It must be said that the place has everything to please: surrounded by mountains and bordered by the ocean, Horn Head is a piece of land that reconciles all environments. And it gives magnificent views, between land and sea, which are a tribute to the legendary beauty of Ireland.

Among its must-see attractions, don’t miss its beach, the Killahoey Strand. It is one of the main attractions for visitors: swimmers and surfers appreciate its fine sand, and its rather impressive size. The beach is rather sheltered, but can sometimes offer waves that will delight surfers and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.
Icing on the cake: its water is transparent, and can reach incredible shades of blue: enough to make you want to take a dip and give you the impression of being on a tropical beach (minus the water temperature of course)!

If you’re more into boating, Irish companies offer excursions in Sheephaven Bay. The opportunity to try your hand at fishing sea bass and other fish spawning in the Atlantic Ocean.

Do not hesitate to visit also Dunfanaghy, a small village on the Peninsula. This small town has a really special charm, and has some nice restaurants and Irish Pub! It is a real pleasure to walk in its downtown and admire its houses and shops with colorful facades.

Finally, do not hesitate to discover the cliffs of Horn Head: they are sumptuous, and especially vertiginous! They rise up to more than 180 meters of altitude. Magnificent, they have the reputation of sheltering important colonies of seabirds, such as puffins, the European crow, or the little penguin.