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What to expect?

Gougane Barra is a pretty little Irish village in County Cork. Famous for its small 11th century oratory (St Finsbarr’s Oratory), built on a peninsula, the village is known for its tranquillity, and for the beauty of Gougane Lake, the local lake… A nice place to visit, if you don’t like tourist crowds!

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A nature-village, renowned for its setting!

Gougane Barra is one of those discreet little villages which alone conceal real treasures…

Lost in the middle of the forest, Gougane Barra is renowned for the beauty of its peninsula, where you can visit an oratory, St Finsbarr’s Oratory, as well as the ruins of a 17th century monastery.

As for activities, the village is not lacking in them! First of all with the visit of the oratory and the ruins of its monastery, but also thanks to its Gougane Barra Forest Park, which is a forest park of 138 hectares!

On the amenities side, the village has a small hotel, as well as some shops. Rather nice if you decide to spend one or more nights there in an enchanting place!