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Enniscrone Cliffs Bath

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Enniscrone Cliffs Bath is a beachfront building on the Enniscrone promenade in Sligo County. Rather atypical, this white building...

Enniscrone Golf Club

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Want to tease your golf club on a course that is as enchanting as it is demanding? Enniscrone Golf...

What to expect?

Enniscrone, also known as Inniscrone (and Inis Crabhann in Irish), is a small tourist village in County Sligo, very famous for its beaches, fishing, as well as for its historical sites dating mostly from the Iron Age. Water sports, golf, swimming… Enniscrone is an ideal place to relax, discover the charm of a small picturesque village, and taste the joy of the ocean.

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A quiet and peaceful village

In Enniscrone, you will have the opportunity to try your luck at fishing, be it in the sea, river or lake. Trout, carp, sea bream and red mullet will be there!

In addition to fishing on Irish waters, there is also an 18-hole golf course. You will be able to tease your clubs in a breathtaking natural environment! Please note that this link may be suitable for novices as well as more experienced golfers.

If you are not in the mood for golfing or fishing, there is another alternative: Enniscrone beach. It stretches for over 5km and is renowned for its idyllic setting and the soothing properties of its salt water and seaweed. Irish people like to go there for a swim at weekends or during the summer. Children can enjoy a supervised water playground and sand castles on the beach, while you can enjoy the setting of Enniscrone Beach.

Finally, don’t miss the few Iron Age forts around Enniscrone, located not far from the village. Most of them are circular in shape, and are still remarkably well preserved.

Another site to discover is the Valentine Abbey, now in ruins. This abbey was built in the 18th century and has a few carved Celtic crosses. Not far away, there are also other ruins from Pullacheeney Castle, Bardic School and Firbis Castle.