Ennis is a lovely town in County Clare. Authentic and lively, it is the capital of County Clare and a major tourist attraction in the region. Indeed, one appreciates its charm, the atmosphere of its streets, or its Franciscan abbey: the Ennis Friary, which is a real marvel of architecture and heritage!

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Downtown Ennis

The center of the village is pretty nice to walk through. You will discover the old town, whose origins go back more than 7 centuries. (The town celebrated its 770th anniversary in 2010). Moreover, the river Fergus which crosses the city gives it a crazy charm!

On the shopping side, the city has a host of shops of all kinds on the main streets (O’Connell Street and Parnel Street), which should satisfy everyone! Same thing as regards Pub and restaurants: the city being hyper tourist, you will have the embarrassment of the choice to plunge in the heart of the Irish gastronomic specialities!

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