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Dún Laoghaire Harbour

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A small fishing port with an intimate and discreet charm, where it is pleasant to stroll along the quays!

National Maritime Museum of Ireland

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Do you love the sea and want to discover Irish maritime history? Head to the National Maritime Museum of...

Dún Laoghaire Market

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Want to live like a true Irishman? Stop by the Dún Laoghaire Market, a local market, which will offer you an array of colors, smells and flavors

What to expect?

Dún Laoghaire (pronounced “Dun Leary”) is a small port and seaside town located 12km from Dublin. The town is officially the capital of the administrative county of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, itself situated in the heart of County Dublin and is famous for its port and the charm of its dwellings .

History of Dún Laoghaire

A city founded by the supreme king Laoghaire in the 5th century

The town of Dún Laoghaire came into being in the 5th century, when Laoghaire, then fifth supreme king of Ireland, decided to install a military maritime base on this site, and thus plan attacks towards France and England.

It was in 1807 that the city suffered one of the most terrible disasters in its history… Two ships, the “Prince of Wales” and the “Rochdale” having left Dublin harbour ran aground during the night of 18th to 19th November 1807, and caused more than 400 deaths. The bodies were recovered, and created a debate about the construction of a new port in Dublin Bay to regulate maritime traffic. The construction site then begins, and King George IV decides to visit the site… It is on this occasion that the city is then renamed Kingstown, in honor of the British king.

The construction of the port considerably develops the development of Dún Laoghaire: the Dubliners build their holiday homes there, and the port traffic intensifies…

Dún Laoghaire did not regain its Irish name until 1921, during the War of Independence (1919-1921).

Nowadays, Dún Laoghaire is a city in the Dublin suburbs, whose port still relieves the maritime activities of Dublin Harbour. Many Dubliners are used to spend their weekends there with their families, in holiday houses…