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Dingle : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

Dingle is a nice town in Kerry County. Situated on the Dingle Peninsula, the town is renowned for its authentic charm, with its small houses with colourful facades, its fishing port, and the surrounding wilderness landscape. Its location makes it one of the most famous villages in Ireland! The area is fabulous, and the village is the perfect place to stay for a few days and explore the Peninsula!

An authentic harbour village!

Enjoy a dynamic town in a wild and unspoilt setting!

If there’s one thing to visit in Dingle, it’s its port! Situated at the very end of the bay, you will find a picturesque side to it, rather nice! As an anecdote, it seems that a dolphin named Fungie has taken up residence in the bay: every time a boat goes out, it has fun doing a few pirouettes to amuse the gallery!

In terms of activities, there is no shortage of tourist sites! The Dingle Peninsula promises you magnificent excursions in the middle of nature, not to mention the visit of its distillery, the Gallarus Oratory…etc!