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Dingle Peninsula : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

If you wish to browse around the most beautiful peninsulas of Ireland, we advise you without hesitation the Dingle Peninsula ! The area possesses absoluteley amazing landscapes worhty of the most beautiful postcards sold around the island. On the agenda, a wild environment, which lives to the rythm of nature and the ocean, not to mention its small villages, with a range of colourful walls and welcoming establishments !

Visiting Dingle Peninsula

A strip of earth with its craggy and dramatic landforms

The Dingle Peninsula firstly offers more than 160 km of stretched territory to its locals and visitors.

The peninsula is composed of bays, beaches, cliffs and lowlands often turning into steeper, wilder landforms reaching to an impressive altitude. Many are the vertiginious cliffs that give you a fantastic view point overlooking the ocean.

A little further inland, you will discover a wilderness bathed in lush greenery where cottages and other pituresque houses live peacefully amidst the Slieve Mish Mountains and the Stradbally Mountain.

Do note that some of their Irish lakes are ideal fishing spots !

A stronghold of Irish culture, Dingle Peninsula also has the distinctive feature of being a bastion of the Gaeltacht, a region where the preservation of Ireland’s linguistic and cultural heritage is taken very seriousy. So don’t be surprised if you hear the Irish langage spoken here, Irish Gaelic still has its place in Dingle and has persisted for centuries !

Not to worry, if the Gaelic language here is the King, the English langage is not despised, you can get away with babbling a few words in Shakespear’s language : the locals will understand without any trouble and make the most of what you manage to say!