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Cushendun (Cois Abhann Duinne in Irish Gaelic) is a small coastal village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is on the A2 coastal road between Cushendall and Ballycastle. Beautiful and charming, it is a small paradise on earth, with its beach, harbour and traditional charm where the weather seems mild and pleasant!

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A coastal village, colourful and charming!

Cushendun - Deck Accessory - cc

Cushendun – Deck Accessory – cc

The village of Cushendun is a small seaside hamlet on the Torr Head Scenic Road. It is loved for its small sheltered harbour at the mouth of the River Dun and Glendun. Fishermen come and go in incredible peace and quiet!

The village has less than 150 inhabitants, an irish pub, a beach and a 400 million year old cave. All this in an atmosphere where time seems to stand still, far from the incessant activity of the big cities.

Cushenden is a small corner of paradise away from civilization, where daily life unfolds to the rhythm of the sea, the climate, and the quiet life of its local inhabitants.

Do not hesitate to stop there, walk barefoot on the beach, push the door of its irish pub. The idea: you walk around, drink a pint and set off on new adventures.