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County Kilkenny : activities and sites to visit

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What to expect?

County Kilkenny is a very pleasant area to visit. The warmth of its inhabitants, its cities, are reinforced by the very present tourist attraction of the county… Castles, dolmens and other archaeological remains are rather nice sites to discover. These bear witness to the historical past of the region, but also to the geological and cultural past of Kilkenny, which makes it a county rather appreciated by tourists.

Do not hesitate to visit their small villages, as well as the official capital of the county: the famous city of Kilkenny, famous for its friendliness, its dynamism, as well as for its famous beer of the same name, exported all over the world! The towns in the area have managed to retain their charm and human scale: the towns there resemble large villages where contact with others is simple and easy.

And for fans of traditional sports, the Kilkenny Cats is one of the most famous hurling teams in the country! Don’t hesitate to attend one of their games: atmosphere and thrills guaranteed!