County Kerry

County Kerry

County Kerry is one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland! Located at the south-western tip of the island, Kerry is a county renowned for its magnificent landscapes, with magnificent views overlooking the Atlantic, Irish beaches and imposing mountains. Stretching over 4 750 km², Kerry offers you a rich territory, strongly impregnated by the Irish culture, and strong of a natural heritage which have made the county a territory impossible to circumvent as regards tourism in Ireland.

The kingdom of wide open spaces!

Discover landscapes worthy of postcards!

Known by the Irish name “Chiarraí” (which designates a Celtic tribe that lived in the region in the past), Kerry is a county that will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful sites in Ireland. It is therefore only logical that the Irish proudly call the region “The Kingdom”, because of its wealth and its extraordinary beauty.

The county of Kerry is above all a region of wild, wonderfully green landscapes! Green valleys, mountains, cliffs and turquoise beaches are on the agenda! The tourist routes are numerous, and will undoubtedly make you cross colourful villages, irish pubs, as well as a few sheep here and there in search of tender grass.

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A mountain passage famous and renowned for the magic of its wild landscapes.

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The most beautiful port in all of Ireland! Located in the small village of Dunquin, it is as beautiful as it is unusual!

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Dingle's whiskey is distilled here, in this establishment open to the public. Possibility to visit and buy on site.

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