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If the west coast is a place particularly prized by tourists, it is above all for the richness offered by County Galway, a superb wild region of Ireland, with imposing landscapes made of mountains, lakes and infinite plains. County Galway is a magical place: it welcomes the fabulous panoramas of Connemara, offers you to discover young and dynamic cities like Galway, and offers you multiple natural sites sometimes haunted by a few beautiful ruined fortresses!

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But Galway is more than just its landscapes, and the warmth of its towns and villages. County Galway is also an extremely rich culture: a land where Gaelic is still spoken, and where efforts are being made to preserve this language from the dangers of extinction. There, the traditionalism of yesteryear is joyfully combined with the new Irish modernity, making County Galway a particularly rich and cosmopolitan cultural space, where respect for the Irish past, but also for its present reigns…