County Down

County Down

Welcome to Northern Ireland! County Down (Contae An Dúin in Gaelic) is one of the 6 northern counties that belong to the province of Ulster. With the Irish Sea to the east, County Down is a beautiful area, rich in archaeological remains and places to visit!

From prehistoric stone circles to ruined castles, don’t hesitate to explore County Down, whether it’s on the country side or the village side! There are plenty of places of interest to visit, and they are well worth the detour! Don’t miss the capital of the county : Downpatrick. This picturesque little village is home to the tomb of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the Irish, who helped to evangelize Ireland in the 5th century!

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The museum that presents the life and work of Saint Patrick in all its details! Between historical facts and legends, the museum is interactive and modern!

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A pretty Irish valley, situated in the hollow of the Mourne Mountains.

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A site that was used as a filming location for the "Game of Thrones" series. A real landmark for the fans!

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There are 50 upright megaliths forming a large circle more than 110 meters in diameter...

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Dark, magnificent and imposing mountains, crossed by dry stone walls. A paradise for hikers!

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