County Cork

County Cork

Of these 7500 km², County Cork is officially the second largest county in Ireland. Located at the southern tip of the country, the Cork region is particularly famous for its numerous tourist attractions. From Cork to Kinsale, or Cobh, the corners to visit will plunge you into a typical Irish charm, which subtly mixes cities and countryside, villages and wild landscapes…

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A region between wide open spaces and dynamic cities!

Don’t miss the city of Cork, the official capital of the county, known for being a student city on the move. There are many tourist and cultural sites that will offer you a complete view of the region (historical, cultural…etc.), and the possibilities of accommodation on site are numerous (B&B, Cottage, Hotels…etc.)!

Don’t miss either the famous castles and other ruins of the region, including the Blarney Castle, a real marvel for the eyes!

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A castle in Cork which has a telescope for astronomical observation.

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A lighthouse located in a dizzying setting, looking like the end of the world!

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One of the most famous Irish distilleries in Ireland!

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A rocky island that immediately reminds one of the strange islands of Pirate of the Caribbean! It has the peculiarity of having a rocky tunnel that crosses it!

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An unmissable castle, famous for its "stone of eloquence"! A must visit!

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This covered market brings together the best of Cork City's local produce! An unforgettable gourmet getaway!

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Le musée de Cobh propose de revisiter l'Histoire du Titanic, de sa construction jusqu'à sa collision avec un iceberg. Fascinant.

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