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County Armagh is a county in Northern Ireland, renowned for the fertility of its land and the quality of its agricultural production. It is also appreciated for its peace and quiet and the boundless beauty of its landscape. Its geographical location makes it a border region with the Republic of Ireland. Also, many Irish people living in the Republic of Ireland do not hesitate to shop in the North, in order to take advantage of the weakness of the Pound Sterling used in Northern Ireland.

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A beautiful region, scarred by history

Historically speaking, the region has suffered the ravages of 30 years of violence and armed struggle in the name of the Northern Irish conflict, known as the Troubles (1969 – 1998). This dark period claimed many victims, including many civilians (men, women and children).

The main towns in the region are Armagh, Craigavon, Lurgan and Portadown. The county has many very interesting tourist sites to visit. Especially note the dolmen of Ballykeel, as well as the remains of its cairn now collapsed. Don’t hesitate to take a walk: nature is beautiful, wild and magnificent! There will be many opportunities to stop and admire the landscapes!