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County Antrim (Contae Aontroma in Gaelic) is situated in Northern Ireland, in the Province of Ulster. With more than 550,000 inhabitants, the county is one of the most densely populated areas in Ireland, along with County Dublin. The county offers a breathtaking view of the entire coast, and will give you access to legendary places such as the Giant’s Causeway and ancient ruined castles, full of history as mysterious as it is fabulous.

Visit the county of Antrim

From the big cities to the magical beauty of its coastline…

The county of Antrim is a destination in its own right, renowned for the beauty of its coastline, with its beaches, cliffs, bays and ruined castles.

Do you like wild landscapes? You will be served!

A region of character, the county is a territory deeply attached to its roots, its history and its culture. This is why Antrim is a particularly rich and dense county to visit!

Starting with its big cities like Belfast or Portrush… Festive places, teeming with vibrant and colourful energy! Push the door of their irish pubs, their restaurants… Try their food, their traditions… You won’t be disappointed!

If you like culture, try the museums of Belfast and don’t miss the most famous attraction of the moment: the Titanic Belfast Experience! A place that pays homage to the famous Northern Irish liner, which was tragically wrecked in April 1912.

Fancy a little more? Belfast is the ideal city to discover the region’s tormented history, with 30 years of unending turmoil and conflict between the Republican Catholic community and the Unionist Protestants…

Although the subject remains thorny, Belfast is in the midst of a revival and is constantly reinventing itself. To discover absolutely, followed by a discovery of its magnificent coastline!