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Connemara National Park : activities and sites to visit

Sky Road

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Here is an emblematic route, which will take you through breathtaking coastal landscapes!

Connemara Smokehouse

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Want to taste the best smoked fish in the country? The Connemara Smokehouse is a fish smokehouse famous throughout...

Clifden Castle

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars 3.36/5 (750 votes)
Clifden castle is a ruined manor house situated west of the town of Clifden, Ireland. Lost in the heart...

Killary Harbour

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Unique fjord of Ireland, the Killary Harbour is a fjord located in the county of Galway in the north of Clifden. It is 16km long and 45 meters wide.

Inagh Valley

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Imagine a gigantic valley punctuated by lakes, moors and peat bogs, enclosed on both sides by gigantic dark mountains...

Derryclare Lough

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A lake of Connemara, wild, rich in fish, lost in the wilderness.

Aasleagh Falls

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A wild site, lost in the middle of the Irish countryside. A great site to hike along the banks!

Killary Sheep Farm

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Push open the door to a traditional Irish farmhouse. Learn about the art of Irish sheep farming! An unusual and awesome experience!

Alcock and Brown Landing Site

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A tribute monument, which commemorates a historic feat: that of the first non-stop transatlantic flight, recorded in June 1919!

Twelve Bens

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A mountain range in Connemara! Simply sumptuous and intimidating!

Connemara Seaweed Baths

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A bath? A massage? Relax in a beautiful thalassotherapy center in County Galway!

The Derrygimlagh bog

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Discover one of Ireland's many bogs! Learn how peat is extracted and used! A fascinating place!

What to expect?

The Connemara National Park gives you access to one of the most beautiful natural parks in Ireland. Stretching over 2,000 hectares, the park brings together nature and wildlife of breathtaking beauty. The imposing mountains offer a panorama of desolate red heathland, peat bogs, rolling green plains, and forests surrounded by huge lakes… In short: nature in its purest state: ideal for a total change of scenery!

Visit Connemara National Park

A playground to enjoy the great Irish wilderness!

A road of Connemara - Francesca Guadagnini - cc

A road of Connemara – Francesca Guadagnini – cc

Connemara is undoubtedly the most touristic park in Ireland! Every year, thousands of travellers come here to explore its wide open spaces, breathe its invigorating air, and enjoy the sublime views.

It must be said that the Park is a little marvel in itself: a real paradise for walkers and nature lovers.

How to get there?

Connemara by car

We’re not going to lie to you: the ideal is to have your own car on site. Whether it’s your own, or a rental, it will allow you more flexibility than the bus: few time constraints, the possibility to take breaks on the road, the possibility to travel a little bit busier … In short, the freedom to explore Connemara according to your own wishes and choices.

You will then have 2 choices to reach Connemara and discover it:

Follow the N59 towards Clifden (the road is a loop of about 90km, which goes around the Park).
follow the N59 first, then follow the R344: an even more beautiful road but sometimes narrower and uncomfortable. This road will take you close to the Connemara lakes, and will offer some of the most beautiful views of the park.

Note for walkers that there is a specially designed car park not far from Letterfrack. It is small and may be difficult to park in the high season. Our advice: do not hesitate to go there early in the morning, or alternatively, park in the centre of Letterfrack. There are more places to park!

Connemara by bus

If you don’t have a choice, then the bus can be an alternative. You will have to reach Letterfrack, 500 meters from the park entrance, where the main station that circles the National Park is located.

Please note: the number of buses varies according to the season. Don’t hesitate to ask beforehand: sometimes there are no more than 2 buses per day! Might as well not miss them!

Another alternative: leave from Clifden, where there are more connections to the park.

Hiking in Connemara National Park

Three circuits of different levels

Connemara National Park - Misik Péter Neo7 - cc

Connemara National Park – Misik Péter Neo7 – cc

Let’s be clear: Connemara Park is primarily for walkers and hikers. Don’t think for a moment that you can explore the wide open spaces of Ireland from your car: the scenery seen from the road is exceptional, but you’ll be depriving yourself of much more if you refuse to venture out on the local trails!

This is why access to the Park is mainly on foot.

For the amateurs, you should know that the Park offers 3 types of hiking trails.

All of them start from the Visitor Centre, at the entrance to the Park, and extend over varying distances and levels of difficulty. Among these 3 recommended circuits, you will have the choice between :

  • the “Srunffaunbay” circuit: this is a short circuit, considered the easiest in the park. Ideal if you are with your family, this circuit is without difficulty (even children can do it) and is 1.5km long and will allow you to discover the Park in a short time. The landscapes are splendid and worth the detour. Count about 1h15 without hurrying.
  • The “Lower Diamond Hill Walk”: this is a 3km intermediate circuit. And above all the best compromise to explore the splendours of Connemara National Park without getting into a commando trek. The tour usually takes 2 hours (taking your time, with regular breaks and photo stops). The circuit is perfectly marked and offers exceptional scenery. A good pair of sneakers is enough, but you will be more comfortable with real hiking shoes. You will thus sink into a denser and wilder nature, walk along the lakes of the park, and contemplate the fabulous panorama overlooking the islands of Rennyle.
  • The “Upper Diamond Hill Walk” circuit: this is the most beautiful circuit but also the longest and most demanding. In this case, we are talking about a real hike, which requires endurance and a good physical level. First of all because it allows you to reach the summit of Diamond Hill, at 445m of altitude, that the slopes are sometimes difficult (you literally climb up and the difference in height is quite good), and that the trip takes a few hours (about 4 hours and a half for the round trip) . Nevertheless, this trip is particularly complete, and will plunge you in a universe apart, where you will contemplate the wild beauties of Connemara through an unequalled panorama from the top of Diamond Hill. The 360 degree view from the top is simply unforgettable.

When to go to Connemara National Park?

A place open all year round!

The park is open all year round, with no timetables. Free: it allows you to have a great day out for less money!

However, we recommend that you go there when the climate is not too uncertain. So, yes, we are in Ireland, and Irish people like to say that the weather is nice several times a day in the country.

But once again, it makes sense to avoid days of storms, thunderstorms, and high winds. Avoid walking there at night as well: these are scenarios that can be dangerous.

We therefore advise you to go there in good weather (or in a fine drizzle: Connemara has a crazy charm even when it rains!). Also avoid the high season, when the circuits are saturated by walkers.

Our advice: go early in the morning! You will avoid the flood of tourists!