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Old St Mary Church of Clonmel

Localisation en Irlande
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St Mary's Church is a medieval church in the town of Clonmel in County Tipperary. Beautiful, it dates back...

What to expect?

Clonmel is a charming medieval town straddling County Waterford and Tipperary. Its colourful streets and the warmth of its people make it a great place to live, situated in a pretty valley crossed by the River Suir and surrounded by mountains to the south (Comeragh Mountains), and a small hill (Slievenamon).

History of Clonmel

A Medieval City marked by the Conquests of Oliver Cromwell

Clonmel is a town dating back to the Middle Ages. Many vestiges of this past are present everywhere in the present town. Starting with the West Gate, a medieval fortified gate renovated in the 19th century giving access to the main avenue of Clonmel: O’Connell Street (which has nothing to do with the avenue of the same name in Dublin).

The town has a special place in Irish History, having tried to resist in May 1650 to Cromwell’s forces when the towns of Drogheda and Wexford had already been besieged and sacked. Cromwell finally prevailed over the Irish troops of Hugh Dubh O’Neill, the commander of the town’s garrison, although the Irish camp caused heavy losses on the English side.

According to the legend, Cromwell was so impressed by the bravery of Clonmel’s troops that he gave his sword to the people of the town (This sword is on display at Clonmel Town Hall).

Visit Clonmel and its surroundings


Clonmel’s town centre is typical of Irish urban charm: you’ll find houses with colourful walls, neatly designed signs, as well as rather nice pubs and restaurants that won’t immediately knock your wallets off their feet.

Don’t hesitate to enter Clonmel Town Hall, the town hall of Clonmel. You will be able to admire there the sword of Oliver Cromwell, yielded in the XVIIth century to the inhabitants of Clonmel, following the siege of the city and the victory of the English.