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What to expect?

Clifden (An Clochán in Gaelic) is a charming little town in Connemara, Ireland. Very touristy in the summer, it attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to explore its town centre, its colourful houses and the wonders of Connemara. An ideal city to make it your base of exploration: sleep on the spot, and discover the surroundings during the day!

Clifden History

A city famous for its old telegraph station

Clifden is said to have been founded by John d’Arcy in the 19th century and only really took off in the 20th century when Guglielmo Marconi installed a wireless telegraph station there. A first for the time and the region!

This telegraph station enabled the city to become an important centre of telecommunications.

Visit Clifden

A seaside resort, very lively in summer!

Clifden enjoys a perfect location: situated in the heart of Connemara, the town is a perfect base for staying overnight and exploring the wonders of the region over several days.

Very pleasant and pleasant, Clifden has a town centre perfect for strolling, shopping and a change of scenery. There are a ton of tasty addresses, as well as craft shops that are sure to make you want to spend!

The area is teeming with accommodation (hotels, bed & breakfasts, campsites) and restaurants / irish pubs. A chance to sample the inimitable Irish hospitality, while sipping a pint in the pub and then tasting one of the traditional dishes of Irish cuisine!

If you feel like getting out of the city, be sure to take the Sky Road, Connemara’s iconic circuit, which winds between land and sea. The scenery is breathtaking! To be done by car, bus or bike preferably!

Don’t miss the beauty offered by Clifden Bay, an Irish bay that is a delight for lovers of beautiful beaches and water sports.

Also don’t miss the Clifden Castle: a ruined castle with a dark and enigmatic charm!

Finally, 20km from Clifden is Kylemore Abbey and its castle. These are some of Connemara’s most famous and popular attractions! A must do!