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Castledermot is a small Irish village, located in County Kildare, less than 50 miles southwest of Dublin and 10 miles from the town of Carlow. Castledermot is a colourful village known for its dynamism and has a number of tourist attractions worth visiting, including a 12th century castle and the remains of a former Franciscan monastery….

History of Castledermot

A Political City since the 12th century

Castledermot is the town where the first known Parliament of Ireland is said to have met on 18 June 1264. The village has suffered many setbacks linked to Irish history, such as the Great Famine (1845-1848) which decimated much of the population at the time.

Today, Castledermot is a growing town, whose population is rapidly increasing due to its economic development and its proximity to cities of great influence.