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The Rock of Cashel

Localisation en Irlande
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Rising almost 60 meters from the top of an imposing rocky peak, the Rock of Cashel is a collection...

The Hore Abbey

Localisation en Irlande
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A very beautiful abbey to visit to better understand the religious identity of Ireland past and present.

St Dominic’s Abbey

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If you like ruined abbeys, then you've come to the right place. St. Dominic's Abbey is a real treasure,...

The Brú Ború Heritage Centre

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The Brú Ború Heritage Centre is a Gaelic cultural centre, located at the foot of the popular tourist Rock...

Local gastronomic specialties

What to expect?

Cashel (Caiseal Mumhan in Gaelic) is a town in County Tipperary in Ireland. Very touristy, the town is especially famous for its “Rock of Cashel”, a rocky hill where there is a vast architectural and archaeological complex dating back to the Middle Ages. An exceptional site, which attracts thousands of visitors every year!

History of Cashel

The former seat of the kings of Munster

Long ago, Cashel was the capital of the Kingdom of Munster, one of Ireland’s major provinces. Very powerful at the time, the city radiated throughout Ireland.

That is why the Rock of Cashel, a collection of cathedrals, churches and other religious buildings, was built there. A true symbol of power for the time.

The place was the scene of great occasions, such as the coronation of the famous King Brian Boru in 977, who was known to have defeated the Vikings afterwards.

Visit Cashel

A place marked by History and the Irish Middle Ages!

Nowadays, the city is highly touristic. You will appreciate its colourful town centre, its shops, restaurants and accommodation. The people are friendly, the food and drink are authentic… And nothing beats the charm of an on-site pub, with traditional Irish music and soft seating!

In short, you will discover the village and its warm hospitality: you will enjoy strolling through its streets, discovering its tourist attractions, and immersing yourself in the heart of a major medieval history for the country.

Everybody hurries to discover the Rock of Cashel, installed on its rocky peak. Allow at least a day to explore its churches, cathedrals and unique round towers. Lovers of medieval architecture will be blown away! It is considered to be one of the most beautiful medieval treasures in Ireland. Rare are the sites of such magnitude and such cultural and historical richness!

Finally, you should know that the village is also renowned for being the cradle of a famous Irish local product. For it is here that Cashel blue is produced! A delicious blue-veined cheese that is sold all over Ireland, and which is available on high-flying gastronomic plates!

A sure thing when it comes to artisanal cheese! To buy on the spot, and to taste in front of the Rock, for even more pleasure!