Burren National Park

Burren National Park

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Forget preconceived ideas! The Burren National Park, is far from resembling other national parks in Ireland! The Burren is above all a huge limestone plateau bordering mountains and the Atlantic Ocean… A place often considered as strange and fascinating at the same time… A small glimpse of what awaits you in this so exceptional place !

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An atypical national park!

The Burren National Park is a fabulous playground for lovers of wild nature and landscapes as charming as they are strange! For the national park is above all a desert of rock and limestone, coexisting with an exceptional fauna and flora!

The proximity of the ocean has indeed allowed nature to develop in an atypical way: extremely rare flowers have managed to grow between the cracks of the limestone plateau, which gives it a rather fascinating charm!

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An Irish dolmen of rare beauty, located in the heart of the Burren region.

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Explore the underground galleries of a thousand-year-old Irish cave!

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You'll fall for their homemade smoked salmon! A delight!

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What if you discovered the underworld face of Ireland?

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An ideal beach to go for a swim with the family!

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This private, non-visitable castle can be admired from the road. It faces the ocean and offers a beautiful landscape.

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Discover the History of Irish Salmon, its place in mythology, and find out how organic salmon is farmed in Ireland! A great interactive and taste experience!

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