Bull Island

Bull Island

Do you want to move away from the urban landscape to a wilder nature? We have the solution if you are in Dublin! Bull Island is an Irish peninsula, located in the Irish Sea, a few kilometres off the coast of Dublin harbour. A superb playground awaits you!

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A peninsula still preserved

Bull Island is famous above all for its miles of white sandy beaches. It is also the favourite meeting place for local seals and seabirds! But you can also enjoy a famous golf course, very popular with golf enthusiasts: the Dublin-Royal Golf Club!

The island is rather atypical, and ideal for a short stroll! A way to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature, despite its proximity to Dublin!

The only drawback that might spoil some of the scenery is the presence of factory chimneys in the distance… It’s a pity, but Bull Island is still worth a little exploration: you won’t be disappointed!

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