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Ballyvaughan : activities and sites to visit

Aillwee Cave

Localisation en Irlande
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Explore the underground galleries of a thousand-year-old Irish cave!

The Burren Birds of Prey Centre

Localisation en Irlande
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Admire impressive birds, answering to the finger and the eye to their trainers!

What to expect?

Ballyvaughan is a small village in Ireland, located in the Bay of Galway. Calm and tranquillity have made this area a favourite destination for lovers of the great outdoors. With the magnificent Burren limestone plateau nearby, Ballyvaughan is a perfect place to visit!

Visit Ballivaughan and its Surroundings

A fishing village

Ballyvaughan is a village that lives mainly from fishing. Its fishermen take their boats from the harbour and then cast their nets off the Bay of Galway. If the village seems quiet, you should know that it has become a highly touristic place, where it is pleasant to spend a few days. With its many shops, pubs and restaurants, Ballyvaughan has become a strategic point where you can spend your evenings and visit the surrounding area during the day. The nearby beaches will allow the more courageous to try a swim, while others will enjoy a pint in the village pubs.

There, the Irish live to the rhythm of the Irish music, its alcohols and its gastronomy. The famous “Oysters and Guinness” formula is a must try in their restaurants or pubs.

If you wish to explore the surroundings further, do not hesitate to visit nearby the Gleninagh Castle, a fortress built in the 16th century by the O’Loughlin family.

If you wish to take your visit further, don’t miss the city of Galway, north-west of Ballyvaughan. There are many activities here, whether cultural, sporting or relaxing.

Other possibilities include a visit to the Burren, a limestone plateau located nearby in County Clare. Its fauna and flora are known throughout the world for their diversity. You will also discover the famous Aillwee Caves, limestone caves whose galleries run for miles across the immensity of the Burren.