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Ballintoy is a small village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is known from the famous Game of Thrones series, where many scenes were filmed in its small fishing port.

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A village famous for its port!

Ballintoy is located 28 km north-east of Coleraine and 8 km west of Ballycastle. Picturesque and authentic, it is one of its rather nice little villages, with colourful streets, an intimate and charming port and very hospitable inhabitants.

The place is quiet and has a lot of charm.

The star of the place is undoubtedly its small port. One walks there with pleasure, in a very pleasant atmosphere of fishing and iodine.

For the anecdote, you should know that the port was used as a filming location for the HBO series “The Iron Throne”. It represents Lordsport on the island of Pyke (The Iron Islands). This port is used from season 2: Theon is baptized there, which allows him to reaffirm his loyalty to his family. The port of Ballintoy was also used in season 4.

Don’t hesitate to stop there and walk along the quay: it’s a complete change of scenery! Finally, push open the door of one of its irish pubs, taste the local fishing of the village, or get in touch with its inhabitants who have a certain taste for lively conversations in the pub!

Finally, Ballintoy is just a stone’s throw away from an unforgettable and unmissable attraction! It’s impossible to pass through the village without going to the Carricj-a-rede bridge! This is a rope bridge suspended 30 metres above the void! Below: the ocean and the rocks!

The bridge connects a small island: Carrick Island, and promises exceptional thrills! Enough to make the bravest ones dizzy!

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An unforgettable experience, rich in strong emotions! The view from the bridge is sublime, and will gladly tempt the brave and adrenalinelovers!

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