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The coast of the Beara Peninsula

Localisation en Irlande
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Drive along the coastline of the Beara Peninsula and enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean!

Allihies Copper Mine Trail

Localisation en Irlande
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The village of Allihies has for many years been one of the main mining players in the country. That's...

Allihies Copper Mine Museum

Localisation en Irlande
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A complete museum dedicated to the history of the mines in the village of Allihies.

What to expect?

Allihies is one of the friendliest villages in County Cork! Located on a mountain on the Beara Peninsula, facing the ocean, it is recognizable by its ultra-colored city center and its unique facades! Allihies benefits from an exceptional location, which attracts thousands of tourists every year!

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A village wedged between the mountains and the ocean

Alliances has a particularly strong history of mining. It was one of the main copper miners during the 19th century. The ruins of the mine can still be visited today, and are one of the main attractions of the village!

Beyond the historical aspect, Allihies is a small haven of peace and tranquillity! Here, everyone knows each other, and lives from tourism and fishing! The irish pubs are warm, as is the cuisine of the local restaurants!

Note that every year the village organizes the “Allihies Festival”. Organized every August 15th, it is a festival of horse races, organized on the plains, separating the village from the ocean.
You will have the opportunity to attend many live Irish music during this event, while discovering the most beautiful breeds of Irish horses! All this in an exceptional setting in a lively and friendly atmosphere!