Irish news

COVID-19: Belfast irish pub delivers pints of Guinness at home during lockdown!

13 April 2020
Nothing can stop a thirsty Irishman! Proof of this is the amazing story of Hatfield House, an Irish pub in Belfast, which, rather than lowering the curtain in times of confinement, had the idea of serving and delivering its fresh … [...]

COVID-19: when can we expect to travel to Ireland again?

13 April 2020
Ireland has now extended its containment until 5 May 2020. This extension should make it possible to better contain the epidemic wave. However, many questions remain unanswered: on what date can a trip to Ireland be considered without risk? Is … [...]

Coronavirus: U2 donates 10 million euros in medical protection equipment

13 April 2020
After Conor McGregor’s €1 million donation, it is U2’s turn to show solidarity. The Irish rock band has this week made a €10 million donation to purchase protective equipment for Ireland’s healthcare workers. A strong act, welcomed by the Irish … [...]

Killarney National Park: a fire devastates 60 hectares

30 March 2020
A terrible fire has seen more than 60 hectares of Killarney National Park in Ireland go up in smoke. The fire was brought under control in 4 hours. [...]

A bridge from Northern Ireland to Scotland? Boris Johnson’s crazy project

12 February 2020
The project seems as demented as it is unrealistic. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just presented a new whim: a bridge linking Northern Ireland to Scotland. A 20km long bridge, the construction of which would be estimated at 20 … [...]

Brexit: tonight Northern Ireland says “farewell” to Europe

31 January 2020
This Friday at midnight, Northern Ireland will officially be outside the European Union. Indeed, Brexit states that tonight the United Kingdom and its provinces will be officially detached from Europe. A situation which is creating serious questions in the Republic … [...]

Guinness would be better in Ireland

8 March 2011
Would Guinness be better in Ireland than elsewhere? That is what a study by four scientists, who travelled through 14 countries to taste 103 samples of Guinness beer, suggests. The results are indisputable: they concluded that the famous Irish beer would taste better in Ireland, where it is produced, than in the other foreign countries to which it is exported