Young Buck

Young Buck

Location in Ireland
Young Buck

For blue cheese lovers, then the Young Buck is a cheese that should please you! Produced in Northern Ireland in County Down in Newtownards, this cheese has the particularity of being a blue cheese produced on a raw milk basis. Rather melting in the mouth, it offers creamy and assertive notes. A delight!

Taste the Young Buck

A first in Northern Ireland: a blue cheese made from raw milk!

Young Buck

Young Buck

Behind the Young Buck is one man: Mike Thomson, a passionate craftsman, who decided in 2013 to design the first blue cheese made from raw milk. A first in Northern Ireland: never before had anyone produced such a cheese (most Northern Irish cheeses are pasteurized and based on cooked milk)!

Passionate about cheese, Mike Thomson decided to turn to banks to finance his project. Nevertheless, the banks refused him the loan, considering in advance this raw milk cheese project as a failure…

However well decided, the craftsman decided to turn to crowdfunding, an alternative financing method taking place on the Web. What was his surprise when he raised over £80,000 in less than 3 weeks!

All that was missing for him was to set up his premises in Newtownards, and to produce the first blue cheese made from raw milk in Northern Ireland! The Young Buck was born!

Cheese quickly won a string of awards, including a silver medal at the Irish Cheese Awards in 2014.

Characteristics of the Young Buck

The Young Buck is rather tasty, and has a taste with a lot of character! It combines all the strength of blue cheese with the smoothness of a generous cheese. A perfect balance, which means that this cheese now belongs to the best of the local Northern Irish terroir!

Numerous shops offer it in a variety of cuts. Similarly, some local restaurants in Newtownards work it into their dishes to reveal all the strength and delicacy of this original blue cheese!

A must for fans of traditional Irish cheeses!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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