White pudding

Black and white pudding
Black and white pudding

White pudding is one of the essential ingredients of the Irish breakfast. Delicious, it’s usually sliced and pan-fried, then eaten alongside eggs, bacon, or beans. Very popular in Ireland (but also in Scotland), it is similar to black pudding, an equally delicious Irish black pudding. Don’t be put off: even if you’re not used to eating sweet/savoury food in the morning, white pudding is definitely worth trying!

Presentation of white pudding

A white pudding eaten for breakfast

Black and white pudding

Black and white pudding

White pudding is generally produced in a traditional way by the town of Clonakilty in Ireland. Considered an almost obligatory dish of the Irish breakfast, it has the particularity of not containing blood, unlike black pudding… (This explains the color of the latter, and the white aspect of the white pudding).

It usually consists of pork, fat, bread and oatmeal. The whole thing is of course seasoned with spices, salt and pepper.

Very tasty, Irish people are used to eating it for breakfast, in addition to black pudding, eggs, bacon, or Irish sausages. Their preparation is rather easy: the Irish cut the latter into slices, and then fry them in a pan. This form of cooking gives it a slightly crispy texture and a very pleasant taste!

It goes perfectly with the other ingredients of the traditional breakfast, and allows you to start the day with a full stomach for several hours.

Travellers may be reluctant to eat white pudding for breakfast. But trust us: the experience is worth it, even if you’re not into salty meals in the morning. White pudding has the advantage of being relatively soft in the mouth. It has a perfect balance: neither too fatty nor too dry, its texture is pleasant and tasty.

In general, white pudding can be found everywhere in supermarkets in Ireland. White pudding is inexpensive, available for less than 2 euros, making it an affordable, simple and economical food. But for a first tasting, we advise you to order an irish breakfast in an irish pub or restaurant. You might as well leave the serious stuff to the professionals for a first!

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