Vinegar chips - TIM HOGGARTH - cc

Vinegar Chips

Vinegar chips - TIM HOGGARTH - cc

It smells like vinegar! Vinegar Chips (or Salt & Vinegar Chips) are a typically Anglo-Saxon speciality, eaten in Ireland but also in Great Britain. They are no more and no less than crisps, seasoned with vinegar and salt, which are eaten as an aperitif or during a meal.

Vinegar Chips

A typically Anglo-Saxon speciality

The Irish often like to season their dishes with vinegar, and potato chips are no exception to this culinary preference. Salt & Vinegar Chips often have a strong, acidic taste, slightly soothed by the flavour of the potato. This is a very simple delicacy, suitable for all lovers of strong flavours and other salty acidities.

You can find them all over Ireland, whether in food stores or in smaller shops. The packets are often individual and do not exceed 250g. Just enough to fill your taste buds! It’s not uncommon to come across an Irish man in the street, armed with his packet of Salt & Vinegar Chips, and quietly eating these chips while walking.

Where to get them

If you have tested these vinegar crisps and are now in shortage, you should know that Comptoir Irlandais sells in its shops packs of crisps directly imported from Ireland. A way to rediscover the authentic taste of this Irish flavour!

It should also be noted that France is starting to market Vinegar Chips in a few supermarkets. Only hitch: these chips have not been produced in Ireland.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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