Des fudges - jirkaejc

The Irish Fudges

Des fudges - jirkaejc

We warn you right away: this article is for gourmets! Fudge is one of the most popular local sweets in Ireland! And we won’t prove them wrong: it must be said that this “candy” is delicious to perfection! To taste absolutely at the time of your passage on the Emerald Island!

Taste the fudges

A tasty confectionery, made in pure tradition!

Fudge is pretty easy to make. It is a candy with Anglo-Saxon origins, based on butter, sugar, and milk… Most of the time, an additional ingredient is added to flavor the fudge… Chocolate, vanilla, cider, whiskey, peanuts, nuts, dried fruits… The possibilities are endless and depend on the taste of each one!

The whole is then mixed and heated to a temperature of 116 degrees. The preparation is then cooled, while continuing to stir, which gives it its caramel-like texture, smooth and creamy at the same time!

As for tasting, we warn you: it is frighteningly good! Melting in the mouth, and rich in sweet flavours, Irish fudge is a delicacy that you quickly get used to!

Where to find it in Ireland?

There are many pastry shops and chocolate shops offering Irish fudge in Ireland. But some brands are more popular than others. Among them, we recommend the one that produces Dingle Fudges! Located on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, this company makes original fudges that are renowned throughout Ireland!

Chocolate, almond, whiskey, fruit fudges… Their sweets are as surprising as they are original!

Costs of Irish fudges

I promise, your wallet won’t hold it against you: fudges are generally quite accessible! Count between 1€ and 2€ a piece! Admittedly, some manufacturers charge a little more (especially when they are traditionally made in well-known shops).

Let’s say it’s a bit like French macaroons: it all depends on where you buy them! In supermarkets, it’s rather economical, whereas in large stores, you’ll have to pay a few extra euros! But after all, it’s so good: why deprive yourself?

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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