Pasties - lyulkamazur
Pasties - lyulkamazur

A pastie is a Northern Irish speciality, similar to a pie filled with a pork, onion and potato filling. Delicious, it is mainly found in local irish pubs and fish and chips.

Taste the Pasties

A chausson garnished with french fries

Pastie is similar to a slipper or empanadas. They are traditionally served in irish pubs for less than 7€ per dish. They are served with French fries and the sauces that are expensive in the Anglo-Saxon world (ketchup, barbecue sauce, vinegar…etc.)

The composition of the stuffing can vary from one establishment to another, but generally consists of a pork or chicken mince, marinated in spices, vegetables and onions. The result is surprising and delicious, very economical, and ideal for eating on the go and changing the eternal fish and chips.

Note that there is also a variant of pastie: the “Bap Pastie”. It is the same pie, but this time it is eaten like a hamburger, stuck between 2 buns.