Oats - seregam


Oats - seregam

Oats have always been one of the basic ingredients in the Irish diet… Tasty and excellent for health, it is one of the main ingredients of the Irish breakfast, but is also found in many breads and cakes in the country. A simple dish, but rich in promise, with proven nutritional virtues!

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An age-old ingredient that’s good for your health!

Historically, oats have been a food that for centuries has helped to feed an often very poor Irish population. Easy to produce, it made it possible at the time to remain stalled for long hours before considering the next meal!

Nowadays, oats have not left Irish plates: they are found in porridge, a porridge of oats and milk often eaten by the inhabitants at the time of the irish breakfast. You can then add fresh fruit, brown sugar, or chocolate chips: the result is amazing and really delicious! An added bonus: it provides you with all the nutritional requirements to last until noon! (We challenge you to be hungry before lunchtime!). It must be said that oats are particularly rich in fibre, which will also help you digest well!

But oats are also used in many Irish culinary specialities, including bread… The addition of oats results in a tasty cereal bread. The variations are then infinite: some Irish even sometimes soak the oats in a stout before making their bread! This gives it an inimitable, slightly caramelized taste!

Count less than 2€ for 500 grams of oats. It is generally found in all supermarkets under the English name “oat”.