Nettles - Public Domain


Nettles - Public Domain

In Ireland, people have always been able to take advantage of nature’s riches. And nettle is no exception to the rule: the Irish have been using it in their cuisine for centuries! It must be said that this plant grows almost everywhere like quackgrass and has many natural virtues!

Taste the nettle in Ireland

An ideal plant for cooking!

The wild nettle has the advantage that it has always grown in abundance in Ireland. This is why this plant was a great help to Irish farmers during the Irish Great Famine: they used it to feed their cattle (pigs and chickens), as well as for themselves.

Most often they made soups from it, or a “Bruisy”, a dish based on mashed potatoes, cereals and nettles. Very nourishing!

To handle and cook it, they put on their hands several woolen socks to avoid the nettle’s stinging properties. (Stinging nettles do not sting once cooked).

Beyond being a nourishing plant, nettle has the advantage of bringing a certain finesse to dishes. Rich in minerals, nettle has diuretic, draining and anti-fungal virtues. During the Middle Ages, it was even believed to have magical powers!

Note that nettle is still cooked in Ireland. You will be able to taste nettle soups, pies or even purees. The result is amazing and tasty to say the least!

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