A bowl of French fries and Vinegar Malt

The malt vinegar

A bowl of French fries and Vinegar Malt

Called “malt vinegar” in English, malt vinegar is a British vinegar extremely appreciated in Ireland. It is a sour syrup, based on fermented malt, which is used as an accompaniment to many dishes, such as fish and chips. Very strange in the eyes of the unaccustomed, this vinegar will quickly become an addiction!

Taste the malt vinegar

A vinegar used as a condiment for most dishes

Meat, fish, pasta, salad, sandwiches, potatoes, burgers… The fields of application of malt vinegar are infinite! It must be said that this condiment goes perfectly with most local Irish dishes, and quickly becomes as inescapable as salt or pepper!

In terms of consistency, this vinegar has nothing to do with classic vinegar. It’s closer to a slightly thick syrupy substance. As for the taste, expect pungent flavours, rather assertive, which will contrast with a touch of acidity at the end of the mouth.

Surprising and disconcerting when first discovered, it tends to quickly become aficionados, and easily replaces the eternal ketchups and mayonnaises.

Try it at least once if you’re there! Most irish pubs offering on-site meals have them!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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