The Kerry Lamb

Kerry lamb - bhofack2
Kerry lamb - bhofack2

Irish farmers in Ireland have a reputation for excellence in rearing their County Kerry lambs. Their meat, subtle and tasty, has an international reputation and really deserves to be discovered on a trip to Irish soil!

The Kerry Lamb or “Kerry Lamb”

The best product of Kerry’s terroir

If there is one region that excels in lamb farming, it is County Kerry in the south-west of Ireland!

They raise what is known as “The Kerry Lamb”, a tender and tasty lamb, used in particular for flagship dishes of Irish gastronomy, such as the famous Irish Stew, an Irish stew made from lamb meat. A delicacy that is well worth the detour for any self-respecting gastronome who wishes to be introduced to the best of the Irish soil!

Kerry lamb is raised in the traditional way, handed down from father to son over several generations. The program includes a healthy diet, farming in the open air on the wild grassy plains of Kerry, and of course, lots of time and love for the animals!

Where to taste Kerry Lamb?

A product that can be found all over Ireland!

If you are in a curious mood and want to try this taste experience, most of the restaurants and pubs in the area offer a Kerry Lamb meal on their menus.

In Irish Stew, barbecued, rib-grilled, or tender and rare rack of lamb, you will have a wide choice to satisfy your taste buds!

Its cost per person does not usually exceed 15€, and allows you to get back in shape to continue your exploration of Ireland!

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