The irish stew

An Irish stew with a pint of stout - © luigimorbidelli
An Irish stew with a pint of stout - © luigimorbidelli

Traveling to Ireland and want to try the local cuisine? Here are two words to remember: Irish stew! It is literally an Irish stew based on lamb stew (if not lamb, mutton or beef will do), served with potatoes and carrots.

Traditionally served in Irish Pubs with a pint of Irish stout, Irish Stew is a dish as simple as it is tasty… but it is above all the flagship dish to discover, number one in the pantheon of Irish gastronomy!

Irish Stew: a stew far from clichés!

A flagship dish of Irish gastronomy

Un irish stew servi au Five Points de Belfast

Un irish stew servi au Five Points de Belfast

If there is one Irish dish that you must try, it is the Irish stew!

This Irish stew is a traditional dish still very popular today, and is served in most restaurants and Irish pubs in the country. (In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across an Irish pub that doesn’t serve it!)

It combines rustic and traditional ingredients dear to the Irish:

The whole thing is often served for less than 10€ per person, which makes it a tasty and reasonable dish for small budgets! Students looking for a simple and efficient meal without sacrificing the quality of their plate will be delighted!

A historical dish, testimony of the Irish simplicity and conviviality

An irish stew - Nadianb

An irish stew – Nadianb

Don’t let the apparent simplicity of this stew fool you. Behind this dish lies centuries of tradition, history and know-how.

For remember, Ireland is a country that has known conditions of great harshness. Poverty was often the order of the day, and the Irish built their gastronomy on simple and accessible products, such as lamb (remember, the Irish are great sheep breeders!) and potatoes!

Even better: the country is a master of these local products. The reputation of Kerry lamb has spread beyond the Irish borders… as has the finesse of their potatoes and other ancient vegetables!

Add to this an incomparable know-how in beer brewing, and you will have in this dish a true concentrate of Irish identity!

The whole brings a warm meal, of a great conviviality, with a deep attachment to the tradition. The simplicity and rusticity are not a fault: on the contrary, they bring the emotion and sensitivity dear to the Irish.

Let’s talk about flavor…

And in terms of taste, an Irish stew really deserves to be known! Because beyond being an economical dish, it is above all a dish rich in flavors and taste. The lamb goes perfectly with the potatoes and onions, and the brown beer-based sauce is a real delight when eaten with butter spread on Brown Bread (a traditional Irish bread!)…

Add to this a good pint of Irish beer, fresh, creamy and served in the rules of art … and you’ll be in heaven!

Preferably eaten on a rainy day, after a good hike in the Irish wilderness: the Irish stew is far from being a summer dish, and could well warm you up more than you think!

Choose an Irish pub that offers it, and organizes concerts of traditional Irish music: you can’t do better in terms of authenticity! You’ll have a 100% authentic experience: it’ll make you feel like a real Irish person!

Irish stew : discover the recipe !

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