Irish Smoked Salmon

Irish smoked salmon - © Mr.Thanathip Phatraiwat
Irish smoked salmon - © Mr.Thanathip Phatraiwat

In Ireland, Irish smoked salmon is no joke! This pure local product appeals to thousands of consumers from all over the world every year! It must be said that the reputation of Ireland’s prolific waters is internationally renowned… not to mention the undeniable quality of Irish salmon, certified organic, and raised in ethical and sustainable practices! All the conditions are thus met to obtain an Irish smoked salmon close to perfection. Its flesh is tender and fragrant, and goes perfectly with a lemon fillet and a pint of Guinness!

Taste the Irish Smoked Salmon

A typically Irish speciality

A smoked salmon bagel - bhofack2

A smoked salmon bagel – bhofack2

There are countless organic salmon farms in Ireland. One of the best known is Kenmare, which produces one of the best organic salmon in the country every year. It is exported by the thousands of tons each year, all over the world.

Then come the Irish fish dens, scattered all over Ireland (including the Connemara Smokehouse, or the Burren Smokehouse), which treat the salmon according to ancestral techniques. Smoked over a wood fire, marinated, dried with coarse salt, lacquered with honey… The recipes are innumerable and are the delight of the amateurs! The establishments have the advantage of being open to the public and also sell their production on the spot.

Generally speaking, Irish people eat Irish Smoked Salmon with lemon, semi-salted butter, bread and Coleslaw, a salad of cabbage and grated carrots seasoned with a sweet/salty sauce. The dish is most complete, and most gastronomic!

Traditionally, this dish is served in Irish pubs and homes on special occasions. Count about €12.50 in a pub or restaurant… Although the price is higher than for other Irish specialities, the dish is well worth it! A real treat!

The opportunity to taste a smoked salmon with subtlety, between sweetness and strong character. Not very fatty, its texture is firm and melting. A real concentrate of flavours and omega 3, excellent for your health!

Irish Smoked Salmon Recipe


  • For 4 people
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Thin slices of Irish smoked salmon (sold everywhere in supermarkets)
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 plate of semi-salted butter
  • 2 bread sticks
  • a Coleslaw salad


  • Arrange the slices of Irish smoked salmon on 4 plates and make a chiffonade out of them.
  • Wash and cut the lemons in half and place half a lemon on each plate.
  • In a bowl, unwrap the semi-salted butter.
  • You only have to serve it with bread and Coleslaw! Childish, isn’t it?


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